Love: of what is it made?

Love is just a passing momentA flicker of lightnot-knowingly fading the nick of time It is a euphemismas subtle as drinking coffeeWhen you get temptedyou forget to quit But if there is an insightof how worst you becomeYou tend to look overthe damages that have been done Love is never easyNo one saidNo one didBut … Continue reading Love: of what is it made?


eyes on you.

how lovely is itto gain what you needwhen all what we careis all about what you did but I know who you areand I always see it throughyou often roll your eyeswhen no one stares at you note:  this belongs to the five poems i created when i was having a tough time. i don’t … Continue reading eyes on you.


ang tinig ng gabinananatiling tahimikat ito’y lalong lumalimnang ika’y biglang humikbi antok at luhaang pumapagod sa matabalak mo ba tumahansa pagsapit ng umaga ilabas mo ang lahatdamdamin ay ilahadang sarili’y imulatsa mga alaalang makalat ituon ang mundosa kanyang puwestodoon tumungoupang sabihin ang totoo pilit isipinang bawat lihimsubukang piliinmga salitang sasabihin ulan ay bubuhosboses ay mapapaospuso … Continue reading Pagtapat

Tales of Sarimanok and Bakunawa

A fabled creatureHarbinger of good fortuneRests at heaven’s gate By the plans of fateAstonishing beautyCloaked by the rainbows    Its crimson eyes glowsFeathers flaps and flies up highSarimanok has risen! Myth 'bout the serpent Lurking in the sea's abyssWaiting for the night Arose at great heighthe villagers threw a fiestaCast him to be gone From … Continue reading Tales of Sarimanok and Bakunawa